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Google provides the best service to its esteem customers all over the world. Google being the best service provider and the favourite of the mass, there are still times when the individuals face certain problems while using the different interfaces in it. Google provides the best service team and resolve the issues within a span of time. The highly qualified and professional team of Google can be contacted either with a request over a call or through chat with the professionals or by just dropping an email and explaining the problem. The user can also select the language preference depending on their location and this make it very convenient for the user to communicate their issue easily.
Issue related to Google
Google Drive
·         An unknown issue occurred and Google Drive needs to quit
·         Google Drive Folder Missing – Moving, Renaming or Deleting
·         Google Drive quits
·         Google Drive run out of storage space
·         Trying to print on Google Drive
·         Syncing the Google drive
·         Syncing or accessing the Google Drive folders when the device is not connected to internet
Google Map
·         Unable to make the map or street view full screen
·         Clutter and boxes every where
·         Lack of Ariel View
·         Hard to see the map
·         Slow Map Loading
·         Browsing Problem
·         Problem with Google Navigation
·         Lack in accuracy of the location
·         Incorrect Directions or Markers
Google +
·         Public Profiles
·         Comments Are as Public as the Post They Belong To
·         Circles are Confusing
·         People You Share With Can Reshare to Their Own Circles
Google Calendar
·         Lack in receiving event invitation or update
·         Issue in receiving an event notification
·         Missing an event or calendar
·         Calendar sharing issues
·         Trouble creating or editing events

Google Customer Service Phone Number

Google provide the best customer service and so the users are always requested to contact the Google customer service number 24/7 for any support regarding any issue. The issue will be resolved within a span of time with the best possible solution