Windows 10 not working, booting properly after update : How to fix

Windows 10 not working

How to fix Windows 10 not working after update? Go through the advice:

In this modern epoch, Windows 10 is one of the latest Operating software in terms of assisting to complete all over the task. It is perfect operating software that helps to open the program with the help of apps. Windows OS is completely offering the app services in which users only can open and close the program simply. It is quite latest in terms of launching the new apps from the Windows app store platform. It updates all the services and apps at a certain period of the time. And it is compulsory to connect your device with the internet as it required an update at a certain time when the user must have the connection of the internet service certainly.

Windows 10 not working after update:

Windows 10 update issue is not a normal problem but most of the time the users face some kind of the problem with the OS and they need some valid information to deal with the problem in all of sudden. So if you are running problem since updating to the latest version of Windows 10 then we have gathered here to fix all up to date problems happening in the Windows 10 device and even providing some kind of the tools and tricks to keep yourself away from the unexpected error for a long moment of the time.

Here are the ways when Windows 10 apps not working:

If you just updated your Windows 10 on your device and then after the app is not responding while opening any program then you need to use some useful trick and tips to resolve the problem as listed down.

· First of all, start on your Windows 10 device and select the app which you want to open.

· Go to the reinstall button and select the install section showing on the next page.

· If you are having an error with the apps click on the troubleshooter for Microsoft store apps.

· Now select the start button and to the settings and select the update & security option.

· Select the troubleshoot button and select the Windows sore apps and go to the Microsoft store to see the trouble which is being found in the Windows 10.

But if still there is an error and Windows 10 not working after the update then you must try to resolve the problem by using basic steps like free up disk space, disable anti-virus software, reset the update and much more. For additional help and resources might feel free to get in touch with tech support team at any time.