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Icloud Account Recovery

Recover your iCloud ID with the help of iCloud Account Recovery experts

iCloud is the official storage and computing service from Apple which provides a lot of features to its users. It stores important files, pictures, videos, documents etc and also manage Apple device if its lost or stolen. Despite of such features, the users may sometimes face difficulties with some issues regarding their account or password. One of the most common issue is iCloud Account Recovery. Such issues can be easily solved with the help of the expert team available day and night for your help with the best solutions.

iCloud Account Recovery on iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch

Follow the steps that are given below to recover your iCloud account :

Go to the Settings option and Sign in to your device
Tap on Don't have an Apple ID or Forgot it and then click on Forgot Apple ID
Enter your Apple ID in the given field and tap Next
Type your trusted phone number and then click Next
Finish the steps shown onscreen 

iCloud Account Recovery on Mac

For iCloud Account Recovery on Mac, follow the steps below :

Go the Apple Menu and Select System Preferences and then iCloud
Click on the given option Forgot Apple ID or password
Type your Apple ID and then Continue
Type your phone number and complete the steps given onscreen

If you are still unable to recover your iCloud ID, call iCloud Account Recovery Phone Number to get in touch with the iCloud Password Recovery team which provides excellent solutions for the issues such as password reset, recovery etc.

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