how to install epson printer without cd

Follow these steps and install Epson printer without any CD!!

Epson printers are best printers for any official work printing as its printing quality is really appreciable. On the other hand users can install it without the help of CD very easily.

For this the users just need to follow certain steps and they can also contact the epson printer customer service and can take help from the executives.

How to install epson printer without CD!

  • First of all the users need to download as well as install the Espon connect printer set up utility.

  • The users then need to agree to the terms and policy to the license agreement.

  • Select next.

  • Then again select on install option.

  • Click on finish and proceed further.

  • Users then need to select on printer registration option.

  • Then select on next.

  • Click on agree and then on next.

  • After these steps a message namely register a printer to Epson connect will b displayed.

  • Users then need to select on ok.

  • Then they are required to perform any one of these.

    - if the users are new to it then users are needed to fill the create an Epson connect account. After filling the form select on finish.

    - if the users are providing any new product in the existing account then they need to click on I already have an account and tehn they need to fill the add a new printer form and then select on add.

  • Select close.

If the users faces any further issues in the above mentioned steps then they can just call on the epson printer tech support number and can easily talk to the technicians who are present on the phone lines.