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Gmail not sending emails

Gmail is one of the top-rated email services used by the billions of users across the world. One can easily send and receive emails by using the Gmail account on various devices. Gmail is highly known for its best in class mailing services. But sometimes users also confront lots of problems in sending or receiving emails. It can be caused due to a multiple factors. In this article, you will learn about the procedure to fix Gmail not sending and receiving emails in a very simple way.

Methods to fix Gmail not sending emails :

·        First of all, check your recipient's email address that you are using to sending the email. Due to the incorrect email address, this problem arrives.

·        Check your spam and other folders if your email is not available in your inbox.

·        Make sure that you are working on active internet connection.

·        Go to the settings of your Gmail account and then check the SMTP server settings. If they are incorrect, then update them to correct one.

Methods to fix Gmail not receiving emails :

·        Check your spam folder and also ensure that you have not blocked the email address of the particular person that you are accepting to receive the email.

·        Change your Gmail settings to default that will remove all the customization that you had done previously.

·        Check the filter settings because sometimes these filters send your email to another folder such as spam, junk or trash.

·        Update your Gmail account’s server settings for the Incoming mail server or IMAP.

Hopefully, now your Gmail will work fine after following the above-mentioned steps. And you can easily send and receive emails in your Gmail account.