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Belkin Router technical support

With the increase in the number of internet users the use of routers are also increasing. These days routers have become extremely regular things that one can discover in everyone's home that makes it simple for individuals to get access of web effectively. A large portion of the general population have routers in their homes and offices by which they are easily using the internet facility.Belkin routers are one of the routers that have become very famous among the people and its demand is all the more increasing day by day. Its connecting compatibility, feature as well as its extraordinary services have increased its usage and now a days more and more people are relying on the Belkin router technical support phone number for their internet related works.

Belkin Router Tech Support Phone Number

If you are using the Belkin router and anytime you get stuck in any issue related to the router, then you don’t need to worry. Just contact the Belkin router tech support members and get the solution of each and every issue instantly. The tech support members are expert technicians as well as are certified personnels who are highly skilled in solving the queries of the users.So, the users need to call on the specific number and even they can also e-mail their queries on the email id and can get the best troubleshooting steps for the glitches that are faced by the users. The users faces several issues that are both technical as well as non technical and many are complicated at times.

 Some Issues solved by Belkin Router Customer Service are-

  • Issues in installing the Belkin routers.

  • Issues in the set up of the router in computer, laptops and in other devices.

  • Issues in the resetting of the Belkin routers.

  • Issues in the configuration process.

  • Issues in the drivers of the Belkin routers.

  • Issues in the network server.

  • Issues in the upgrading of the routers.

  • Issues in the IP address.

  • Issues when the users forgets the Belkin routers password.

Therefore, these are some of the issues that are occurred while accessing the Belkin router. So for solving all these issues the users can easily contact the customer services that are available for 24/7 and 365 days all day long so that the users can contact them at any time of the day and can discuss the issues with them.One of the most common issue is the password issues when the users forgets the password and wants to change it.

Belkin Router Password Reset

How to Belkin router password change

  • First of all press the reset button for about 10 seconds and leave it.

  • After the reset is completed the router will show a solid green light.

  • Now open the web browser and write your IP in address bar and go to the page.

  • Router setup utility page will be displayed.

  • Select log in.

  • select password option and then select utilities and then systems settings.

  • Now, mention the password in the type new password option and also in the confirm password option.

  • Select apply changes and the password will be reset.